Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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People typically choose Chapter 13 if they are over the income limit for Chapter 7, or if they wish to save their home from foreclosure. Filing bankruptcy halts all collection actions (including wage garnishment), foreclosures, and car repossessions, while the bankruptcy process is ongoing. Because Chapter 13 gives you three to five years to repay your debt, it is often a good choice for people who are wanting to keep their assets while paying off debt. 

The bankruptcy attorneys at Woodall & Woodall have helped more than 22,000 people in southern Georgia. Based in Valdosta, we represent clients in 35 counties across South Georgia! Wherever you are, help is available.

Before we recommend bankruptcy, we review your debts, assets and income. We will also discuss your goals. Do you wish to keep your house and your vehicle? Can you continue to make payments under the Chapter 13 plan? You can trust in our experience if we recommend Chapter 13 for you.

What Our Clients Say:

Thank you for being so great in a time of need. Your office has been more than helpful with any situation that I have had. I appreciate the kind and generous people working at Woodall & Woodall. All the attorneys go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. They are always available and respond quickly to any questions.


Stan R., Valdosta, Georgia

I would like to thank you for assisting us with one of the most difficult and challenging periods of our lives. We were very grateful for your assistance, support and understanding during this trial in our lives. We had never experienced the "journey" of personal bankruptcy and we were relieved that someone of your expertise was available. It was a great comfort to have someone of your integrity and character guide us during this difficult period. We will never forget the kindness and understanding shown to us, and we will always be grateful our paths crossed in life. You exhibited exemplary professionalism in every stage of the process, and went above and beyond to assist us. We will always remember you with gratefulness in our hearts.

Glenda L., Georgia

I am writing this as a testimonial to commend the exceptional efforts of the law offices of Orson Woodal. I came to Mr. Woodall at a time when I had experienced a number of significant setbacks due to the declining economy and changes in my career field.

I was in a very vulnerable position and not sure what options I had or how to proceed in executing a plan to get back on track. Mr. Woodall evaluated my particular set of circumstances and made a very simple and straightforward plan to put me on the path to recovery.

I am eternally grateful to the law offices of Woodall & Woodall for their level of commitment and professionalism that they extended to me and my family at one of the most challenging times of our lives.

I would recommend their services to anyone that is in need of their legal advice and services. To sum it all up, I would say, "Legal expertise with a personal touch." I extend a heartfelt thank you to the entire staff at Woodall & Woodall.

Joseph S., Georgia