Debt Reduction Is Possible

Bankruptcy can help you discharge or decrease many types of debt, including:

  • Credit card debt — This is unsecured debt in most cases.
  • Medical debt — You can discharge medical bills.
  • Mortgage debt — This includes home equity loans and second mortgages.
  • Vehicle loans — We may also be able to assist you with vehicle repossession.
  • Certain tax debts — We will explain which are dischargeable and which you may pay off.
  • Student loan debt — While not dischargeable, there may be ways bankruptcy can help with student loans.
  • Personal loans — These can include signature loans and payday loans.

If you do not see your type of debt listed here, talk to us to learn whether bankruptcy can discharge or reduce it. Please note that certain debts, including child support and alimony, are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.