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Below you’ll find information to help you in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Each step of the process is covered from beginning to end.

For help with bankruptcy terms, please check out our glossary:

Bankruptcy Glossary

After Filing/Before Hearing

Once you receive your case number, you enter what is called an “automatic stay.” After the court has received and processed your submitted paperwork, they immediately notify all of your creditors of your bankruptcy filing. Your creditors are then legally prevented from pursuing you further for your debt collections, evictions, lawsuits, wage garnishments, levies, foreclosure, and other related matters. This is one of the greatest benefits of filing bankruptcy.

First Court Hearing

Soon after your petition is filed, you are required to attend a meeting at the courthouse with your creditors, trustee, and your attorney.While this meeting is in your local federal building, it is not a trial. There is no judge present. During this meeting (which usually lasts less than 10 minutes), the trustee and creditors review your financial paperwork for accuracy and dispute anything they find to be inaccurate. Your attorney can greatly help you to feel at ease during this part of the process as he or she can advise and help you.

After Filing/Before Hearing

A few months after you file, you and your creditors will receive notice from the court that your eligible debts are now eliminated. You no longer have any legal obligation towards these debts. Some debts may remain, however. These debts could include child support, some tax debt, and student loans.

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