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Filing for bankruptcy featured

Why You Should Choose Woodall & Woodall

22,000+ individuals helped in bankruptcy, 34 years combined experience, 35 counties served in South Georgia. But quite simply, it's more than that.

Debt Child Support

What to do about past due child support

If you've fallen behind on child support, your ex-spouse has the option of going to court and try to have you incarcerated for not following the judge's order.

Bankruptcy Filing for bankruptcy featured

Do I get to keep my stuff after I file for bankruptcy?

See how you can keep your stuff in certain types of bankruptcies.


Do I get to keep my retirement account after I file for bankruptcy?

 Can you keep your retirement or will your creditors get the money? Find out more.

Bankruptcy Chapter 13 featured

Understanding Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

 Generally, we're able to cut your cash outlay by 50% or better.


Who will find out I filed for bankruptcy?

How private is bankruptcy? People worry if their neighbors and friends are going to find out if they filed for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Court

Do I have to go to court when I file for bankruptcy?

In this video, understand why you shouldn't be terrified of the hearing for a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


What Happens to Your Credit Score After Filing for Bankruptcy?

What if there was a way to increase your credit score after bankruptcy?

Debt Auto Debt featured

How to Save Your Car from Repo

 Your car is in jeopardy of being repossessed, and I can assure that the creditors know it. Let's talk about how to save your car.

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