Focus on all the right things

Technically, everything that you can pay a third party to do in terms of rebuilding your credit, you can do by yourself...for free. I find no reason in paying someone to improve your credit report when you can do the same job, if not better. These big credit repair companies have tons of clients and may or may not even be able to improve  your credit. You're your only client! 

Things to focus on when repairing your credit:

Disputing inaccurate information on your credit report. This includes old addresses, employers, old creditors that should have aged off your credit report, etc. 

Disputing late payments for past accounts

Show loyalty to your oldest credit accounts. Instead of closing them, utilize them! And as you know, don't go over 30% of the credit limit.

Try to remember:

Rebuilding your credit takes time!

Your credit does not define your character. If it's taking a long time to rebuild your score, there are ways around a poor credit score. Pay cash instead of using a line of credit!

Don't let creditors run your credit unless you know you'll be approved. Every time a creditor runs your credit (that's called a hard inquiry), it could easily lower your credit score by 15 points. 

And lastly...

While it's a great idea to try to build your credit up in a short period of time, please don't beat yourself up if it feels like you're taking one step forward and two steps backwards! Repairing your score is difficult, especially after the trauma it's been through. It's takes patience and vigilance to diligently improve your score, but I know you can do it.