We're Always There For You

Life doesn't just happen from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. And bankruptcy is no different. Orson Woodall explains how we're available when you need us.


There are three of us there, so you can always get in touch with one of us if it's an emergency. And believe me, emergencies do pop up.

I had somebody the other day, they had filed a bankruptcy. The creditor for some reason had not processed the paperwork right and the deputy sheriff was at their house to empty the stuff out of the house to do a repossession. 

We stopped it.

But if we hadn't been there and somebody hadn't been available or they'd gone to a one-man firm and they were on vacation – their furniture would've been on the front yard.

So, the number of attorneys you've got, the experience you have, returning telephone calls, staying in touch with clients, sending blogs, sending information out all the time. I think is just real important.


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