What Happens to Your Credit Score After Filing for Bankruptcy?

What if there was a way to increase your credit score after bankruptcy?

Normally one of the last questions I'm asked when a client's going through a consultation is what happens to your credit score after filing for bankruptcy?

Well, obviously bankruptcy hurts your credit score. But when you come to me, your credit score is already generally pretty beat up. One of the things that Woodall & Woodall does differently than other attorneys is that once you file for bankruptcy, we enroll you at no charge to a credit enhancement program called 720 Credit Score. It's an internet program that teaches you how to re-establish your credit. Normally, within two years you've regained a 720 credit score if you follow the advice.

If you did this program online without going through our office, you'd pay $1,000 for it. But we give it to you for absolutely no charge. Give us a call. We'll explain what type of bankruptcy you should file, and what the ramifications will be on your credit score.

Get Your Credit Score to 720

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