Who will find out I filed for bankruptcy?

How private is bankruptcy? People worry if their neighbors and friends are going to find out if they filed for bankruptcy.

Quite often, I'm talking to someone about filing a bankruptcy and they get worried about whether their neighbors and friends are going to find out that they filed a bankruptcy. The truth is, very few people are going to know that you filed.

Unlike a foreclosure of real estate in Georgia where an ad is run in the legal section of the newspaper once a week, bankruptcy does not put any legal ads in the newspaper. Nothing is published in the paper and nothing is published in any other print medium. The only people that'll pick the bankruptcy up are credit reporting agencies. And the only people that will know that the credit reporting agencies picked it up are people that run a credit report. And think about it, how many of your friends have the ability to run a credit report? It's pretty complicated to get that privilege.

So, nobody's gonna really find out about you filing a bankruptcy. But think about it this way also. Even if they do find out, if they're your true friends, they really don't care. All they want you to do is do what's best for you.

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