How Does Bankruptcy Impact Your Credit Score?

Of course bankruptcy is going to impact your credit score. But when you file with Woodall & Woodall, we can help get you on the right path, right away. 

Well obviously bankruptcy impacts your credit score in a negative way, but
when you file with Woodall & Woodall we give you a book that lets you start rehabilitating your credit immediately. We can also sign you up for a credit rehabilitation class at no charge. 

You follow the instructions in the book. You create new avenues where you can create a credit history. And if you can get three people reporting your credit history over the life of the bankruptcy you can come out with a 700+ credit score. 

In fact, in the last three months I've had three different people come to me that had just finished their bankruptcy – all smiles since they'd just finished making their payments – and each one of them said, "you know, I did what you said. I read the book. I took the course online. I did what it said to do. And each one of them had a 720+ credit score."

If you do the right things you can do it, and we can help.

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