Why You Should Choose Woodall & Woodall

22,000+ individuals helped in bankruptcy, 34 years combined experience, 35 counties served in South Georgia. But quite simply, it's more than that.

"We take care of people."
– Orson Woodall, Managing Partner

There are three attorneys working for you. We have a multitude of experience in the office. I've been practicing 28-29 years, my son's been practicing 12-13 years, Matthew's been at it 5 years now.

We've done over 22,000 bankruptcy cases and represented 22,000 people. It gives you the opportunity to have seen just about everything that can come down the pike.

And when you come to us, it's not Will or I or Matthew that are representing you, it's all three of us. We all represent the same clients, we don't split them up.

We feel like we give exceptional service. If you got a question, you can pick up the phone and call us and in fact, we've probably trained our clients the wrong way because people walk in the office without appointments all the time saying, "Can I see you for a minute?" because they've got something on their mind that's worrying them and we can put them at rest pretty easily. Or, they call without an appointment – but we don't mind. We've got three attorneys there, so that's what we're there for.

We try to keep somebody in the office at all times during business hours. We've got a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week answering service that as soon as they get a call when we're not open, they shoot the attorney a text. And if it's something that's really, really an emergency, we can get on it right then.

I can't tell you the number of times I've gone into the office on a Saturday or Sunday to get something straightened out for a client who's car been repoed, somebody just sued them, they're scared to death, and so, we take care of people.

If you have questions about bankruptcy and want to speak to a bankruptcy lawyer, give us a call at 229-247-1211 or fill out our contact form.

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