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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Bankruptcy Attorney

If you’re just starting your bankruptcy journey, it’s important to work with the right attorney and ask the right questions. Here are 5 key questions to ask your attorney.

Budgeting and finance difficulties can leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and with a lot of questions. If you’re unable to pay your bills, have creditors demanding you for payment, or you’re worried about rent or losing your home, it’s time to find financial peace.  If you’re struggling to make ends meet and manage monthly payments, bankruptcy might be your next best step.

Bankruptcy can be a direct path out of financial stress and anxiety. It makes your debt more manageable. In addition, part of the process forbids your creditors to continue to contact you. We know the thought of bankruptcy can seem daunting, but it is not a mark of shame. Bankruptcy can be an enormous relief. 

If you’re just starting your bankruptcy journey, it’s important to work with the right attorney and ask the right questions. Here are 5 key questions to ask your attorney.

1. What information do you need to get started on my case?

Your attorney is going to need a complete list of your debts: credit card, student loans, medical, personal, mortgage, car – all debts you owe. They will also need a list of what you pay every month for necessary items like rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries, and so forth. Then, the attorney will need information about your current income plus any assets you might have like savings accounts or retirement accounts. All this information is important to your lawyer because it helps them negotiate on your behalf with your creditors. 

But what happens if you are missing some of this information? If you do not have some statements of debts or assets, don’t fret. Woodall & Woodall can run a credit report with no charge to you. While it can be stressful to call creditors or financial institutions to get this information, remember you are entitled to this information and all you have to do next is turn it over to your attorney. Getting a firm grasp on your indebtedness versus your assets is your first step to finding financial peace 

2. Are there any problems I should anticipate when filling?

“Bankruptcy” is a scary word in our culture. If you’re worried a bankruptcy filing will leave you destitute—It won’t! You will be allowed to keep assets you need, such as a roof over your head and a vehicle to get to work. Bankruptcy is not something to feel ashamed of. Remember, many people have encountered financial difficulties and worked through them. For example, Donald Trump, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, and many more have filed bankruptcy before and then had their greatest success and fame after. By choosing bankruptcy, you have an attorney in your corner to help you find relief and peace. 

Another concern many people have when filing for bankruptcy is a credit score drop. Frankly, it will cause this initially; however, our attorneys at Woodall & Woodall will help you get back to a good credit rating by helping to establish sound financial practices. 

3. What percentage of your practice is dedicated to bankruptcy cases?

This is a valuable question because attorneys often specialize, and not just any attorney can successfully handle a bankruptcy. You want to make sure the attorney is taking their time and allocating the right needs for your case. 

You should also ask how long they have been a bankruptcy attorney. Experience is key to understanding the complexities of bankruptcy law in Georgia and getting you a good outcome. As you continue to do your research, simply remember how important it is to work with a dedicated and experienced bankruptcy attorney like Woodall & Woodall. We have filed over 25,000 bankruptcy cases and helped thousands of people find financial peace.

4. When will my case be filled? When will it be over?

If you’re contemplating bankruptcy, it’s imperative to have a realistic timeline so you know what to expect over the coming weeks and months. 

There are two types of bankruptcy — Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Depending on your situation, your attorney will help you choose the best filling type, so don’t stress yourself with the ins-and-outs. In most cases, it takes Woodall & Woodall just two days to file your case; however, the hard work doesn’t end after filling. You will need to continue working to rebuild your credit.    

5. Is filing for bankruptcy my best option?

The fact is, bankruptcy can bring you financial peace because it satisfies your creditors and stops stress. 

Sometimes, people think the solution to having too much debt is to take on more debt. When you use credit cards or get personal loans to consolidate, you still have debt service bills that may be too much for you to manage each month. With bankruptcy, you will have a plan that’s truly manageable for your income. 

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