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Don't Wait For Relief That Might Never Come

It's been eight months since the CARES Act passed. Now, you may have heard that Congress is finalizing another stimulus deal to help the economy. This bill is expected to include extra weekly unemployment and protection from eviction for renters. You might think help is on the way.

The reality is – it's too little, too late. These funds will come too late to undo the lasting damage the coronavirus pandemic has caused American families and South Georgia residents. It is likely not enough to sustain unemployed workers or create new job opportunities.

Furthermore, unfortunately, these extra unemployment funds will be less than the initial package back in the Spring. It's also unclear specifically which individuals will qualify for these funds. 

You might be waiting on a check – for only $600, mind you – that will never even arrive.

You may have been spending down your savings and are now stressed beyond belief. It doesn't have to be that way. Don't spend the holidays stressing over your financial future. Find peace before the New Year. We can help take away the uncertainty surrounding us all.

Should you have any questions regarding your financial future, please give me a call. If any friends or family members are in need of advice, please send them my way and I will be happy to help them as well. (Travel to our office is not necessary for us to help, either. We can speak by phone.)

Our office is here to serve you. I look forward to discussing your Financial Freedom Plan.

Give me a call to get started today with a free assessment of your financial future.

Orson Woodall


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