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Life After Bankruptcy: Your Next Step & What to Avoid

Life After Bankruptcy

There are a ton of taboos surrounding bankruptcy: it'll ruin your credit forever, they'll publish it in the local newspaper and everyone will find out, you have to give up your assets, only irresponsible people have to file bankruptcy, bankruptcy isn't even a relevant form of debt-relief anymore and so on. But nearly every single one of these is just a tall tale.

If you have filed bankruptcy with us, you can attest to the fact that your credit isn't ruined for good! As a matter of fact, you've more than likely heard about the program we offer for credit repair: 

720 Credit Score

We offer this program at no cost to our clients in order to equip them with the tools necessary to build a fully-functioning and positive financial future. Our clients take this class from the privacy of their own homes, in their own time, and learn how to do effective things like making corrections on their credit report, opening new lines of revolving credit that will increase their scores quickly and knocking out any unpaid debts left on the credit reports. 

Because this class teaches our clients how to improve their own credit reports (for free), there is absolutely no reason to pay a credit repair agency. Everything that a credit repair agency can do, you have every right to do as the consumer, and you can do it at no cost!

Working off debtPaying down your remaining debt and avoiding obtaining future debt is absolutely vital. Sometimes you have to ask for raises at your job, pick up extra hours or even temporarily pick up a second job in order to bring in enough money to avoid more debt. At home, you can teach yourself to cut your monthly bills in half in order to save more money.

Slash your bills in half

Word to the wise:

Emerging from a bankruptcy might leave you feeling vulnerable, and that's an understandable feeling. This might be your first time going through something like this. But that does not mean that you should accept the terms of just any new line of credit. Because you're vulnerable, predatory lenders are going to market specifically to you, leaving you feeling like you have no other choice but to accept their terms.

Please be more discretionary.

Please look at the terms of every potential loan and methodically weigh the possible ramifications for you and your family. You might just be saving yourself from another sub-prime loan or recurring pattern of bad debt.

A Warning:

Being poor is more expensive than being rich. Did you know that? 

Think about it! Are you signing on loans for vehicles that cost way more than they're worth, but you've been led to believe that's all you can get approved for? What about the interest rates on those loans? Are they really what you can afford?

How about when you don't have a vehicle and you're paying for transportation? 

What about when you try to sign up for a new service, say internet or phone service, and they run your credit report and see that you have a low credit score? That's usually grounds for these companies to charge ridiculous non-refundable fees for just opening an account. Can you afford new services and giant deposits? 

What about when you couldn't pay some utilities in the past and they shut your services off, and now they're lingering with late fees on your credit report? 

What about when you live paycheck-to-paycheck and you feel like you can't buy things in bulk in order to get better deals like buy-one-get-one-half-off (BOGO)? Rather you have to buy just what your paycheck can afford you at the moment, and usually it's one full-priced item.

You are worth more than being targeted as prey for these predatory companies who attempt to diminish your worth because of a previous bankruptcy or current debt. 

You are worth empowering yourself in order that you work smarter so that you can stop struggling. If your bankruptcy is behind you, or you're currently in a bankruptcy, you have nothing but clear skies ahead. Clear Skies AheadIt might be a while before you can actually see that, but if you put in the work now and recover what has been lost, you're more than ready to move ahead. 

Life After Bankruptcy

There are so many benefits to having filed bankruptcy. There may be some hard days ahead, but today is what matters. 

And today, you're going to clean up your credit, avoid debt, make more money and start fresh. 

Today, you're going to make a difference.

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