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What's your financial age? Dare to find out

I'm not going to reveal to you exactly what my financial maturity is, but let's just say I've got some growing up to do. And most of us do! But is our financial age keeping us from succeeding? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, "DUH!!"


Some unforeseen circumstances are out of our control and have kept us underwater, I know....but, there are a lot of things that could impact your financial maturity:

  • Your understanding of the economy and world around you
  • Your own personal finances
  • Your potential financial risk
  • How prepared you are for unforeseen future circumstances. 

If you've not saved for an emergency fund or started a retirement fund of sorts, you're not considered very mature.

I've checked the internet to find some of the most helpful quizzes out there so that you can learn your financial age and get a move on to financially growing up! All three of these quizzes give a different perspective of your situation, and that's why I included all of them. We need a bird's-eye view of our situation, not just one angle. 

Quiz 1

 This quizzes you on your financial literacy.

Quiz 2

And this one quizzes you on how responsible you are financially.

Quiz 3

This one is a bit more advanced, but it quizzes you on how you manage your money based on your understandings of our economy-let's just call it a little economics refresher.

When you've figured out what your financial age is, please feel free to take this free course on your financial well-being. I am including this because, well (I'm just going to be honest) most of us need a course on understanding our financial well-being. 

Smart About Money

It takes about 45 minutes, you can personalize your plan and take advantage of other courses to improve your money life. 


Yes, we are a bankruptcy law firm, but we love educating our readers on how to improve their own situations, even without Bankruptcy Valdostahaving to file for bankruptcy! Just in case, however, I have included our own (very popular) Do You Qualify For Bankruptcy quiz. Click the image to take the quiz!

Don't forget, once you file bankruptcy, you also have the option to take the 720 Credit Score class that teaches you to raise your credit score to a 720 in as little as two years after having filed a bankruptcy. All debtors who file bankruptcy are also required to take debtor education courses at the beginning and end of their cases. 

Let's recap:

Take the quizzes to find out your financial age.

Take a free class to discover the personalized plan you need in order to achieve the best course for financial well-being.

Understand if bankruptcy is right for you.

Continue to inquire and improve!! 

Remember, YOU are the only one who can change your situation, and it starts with educating yourself on how to get out now.

By now, you know our attorneys do free consultations! Any time you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to help. And no matter how old you are financially, the point is to be happy with where you are.

Financial Peace

"Your financial identity is fluid and subjective. Update it anytime you like."-Book quote from: The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness

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