Is Debt Consolidation A Good Option?

At Woodall & Woodall, we understand that filing bankruptcy is a last resort. As such, people often consider debt consolidation a better option. In some cases, it is. However, you should discuss your finances with a lawyer before you make this decision.

In addition, you need to be careful of for-profit debt consolidation companies. While there are some legitimate companies, many are just scams. They will take your money and may do little, if anything, to help consolidate your debt. Please speak with us, and we can tell you which companies are legitimate and which are not.



Protect Yourself By Learning The Facts

While bankruptcy is not the option for everyone, we don't want to see people get scammed by thieves. Don't let a dishonest debt consolidation company take your money. If debt consolidation is the right option for you, we will tell you. We will also tell you which companies you can trust. Some debt consolidation and negotiation can be done by individuals if you are willing to get on the phone with your creditors.

Please call our Valdosta law office at 229-247-1211 for a free consultation with an attorney. You can also complete the online contact form if you prefer.

We also serve the communities beyond Valdosta, including Albany and Moultrie. The best way to make a good decision is to make sure you understand your options. Our attorneys will help you get there. Talk to one of our southern Georgia attorneys now.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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