Wage Garnishment Can Ruin Your Financial State

Are creditors threatening you with wage garnishment? Filing for bankruptcy can prevent or stop wage garnishment if it has already begun.

Financial burdens

No one wants their employer to find out that creditors want to garnish their wages. If the garnishment hasn't started yet, talk to us about how to keep it from happening. At Woodall & Woodall in Valdosta, we can help you avoid wage garnishment. We can also put an end to it if creditors have already garnished your paycheck. Please speak with one of our lawyers today.

Why garnishments are on the rise

Understand Your Rights

Creditors in Georgia may garnish up to 25 % of your paycheck. When you're already in debt, losing a quarter of your wages is devastating. However, creditors are not allowed to garnish more than 25 % of your disposable income. If you meet criteria that put your income in a lower category, creditors can only garnish less than 25 % of your earnings. Filing bankruptcy will stop garnishments and let you keep your earnings. 

Federal law prohibits employers from firing employees whose wages are garnished. In addition, there are some benefits that a creditor may not garnish such as:

  • Social Security benefits
  • Disability or health insurance benefits
  • Workers' compensation
  • Retirement plans
  • Unemployment insurance

Make Sure Creditors Aren't Taking Advantage Of You

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