You Can Get Help With Car Loan Debt

It's possible to fight vehicle repossession and reduce your debt on car loans by filing bankruptcy. This may be especially helpful for people who didn't borrow through a bank, but through an auto dealer with high rates. In either situation, we can help you address your vehicle loan debt.

At Woodall & Woodall, we have represented over 22,000 clients in southern Georgia bankruptcies. Our experienced attorneys are prepared to review your debts and assets. Then, we will discuss your debt relief options with you. If bankruptcy is a possibility, we will explain how it can help you decrease car loan debt. Auto Loans

Our service area covers 35 counties in South Georgia. If you are in danger of having your car or truck repossessed, do not wait to call. Let's discuss your options.

Filing Bankruptcy May Allow You To Keep Your Vehicle

All chapters of bankruptcy will temporarily halt vehicle repossession while the bankruptcy is in progress. They will also help to reduce your other debts so you have more money to pay the auto loan.

Under the Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 repayment plans, you may be allowed to cram down payments on assets such as vehicles that are no longer worth their original amount. Typically, you can cram down the value if the auto loan is two and a half years old or you were not the vehicle's original owner. This means you will not have to pay as much to keep your vehicle.

An Experienced Attorney Will Discuss Your Options With You

For a free consultation with a lawyer, please call us in Valdosta at 229-247-1211 or contact us online.

I can't afford to lose my car

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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